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Our Story

OUT FOR was created out of a need for the LGBTI community to have a stronger political voice in Australian politics. We are a third party campaigner OUT FOR politicians that support LGBTI issues, policies and rights. We know the only way to change the equality conversation is through electing candidates who will advance LGBTI issues and policies. The mission for OUT FOR is to do exactly that, raise money for candidates that promote equality and elect more LGBTI people into public office.  

As members of the LGBTI community looking for equality and social justice in Australia, we need to elect spokespeople to Parliament who are ready and committed to championing our combined causes. We must put an end to homophobia and bullying, and it is imperative to secure rights for those of us who would love to marry. We need to change discriminatory laws and eradicate LGBTI youth homelessness. To do all this we need to support those who champion our right to be heard.

Using our numbers and our economic power, OUT FOR is bringing people power to the movement for equality. We plan to support multiple candidates, both in major parties and independents. We expect to push forward the LGBTI agenda with the strongest possible chance of securing positive change.

This election needs a fully-participating, mobilised LGBTI community so we can put candidates into power who are going to get our message out into the open forum and make sure that we are recognised as a vital part of the Australian public.

Help us change the equality conversation!

Currently we are a registered third party campaigner for the 2015 NSW State Election that will be taking place on March 28, 2015.